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Creative story telling though video. We are a boutique video production company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We create company profile videos, commercials, documentaries & real estate videos for clients in the Mid-West. Available for retainer work.


 Our goal is to create video that engages, inspires, persuades, and educates.

Red Crown Company Owner - Marshall Baker

Our Service

Our quality standards apply in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. We are dedicated to assist you in helping your company grow with video.

Our services include:
Digital film acquisition in raw formats up to 4.6K resolution in ­house
4k & 1080p HD video production
Company Profile Videos

Training Video
Product Demos


White Label

We offer white label video production services which have been specifically designed for marketing and PR agencies.

White label video production is video shot or produced by us, but branded and marketed by you. Our service offers you the ability to extend your capabilities to clients with high quality professional video production under your brand. We know how important video has become for businesses and more than ever it is essential for content marketing strategies. By partnering with us you can immediately expand your in-house capabilities to to include a full range of video production services without the huge investment associated with additional staff, software licenses, hardware and camera equipment.

Reasons to use white label video production:

1) Extend your in-house capabilities: You can extend your capabilities to offer video production without any additional cost, time or risk. 

2) You don’t have to buy a bunch of expensive equipment or hire a production team.

3) Add an additional revenue stream: Our white label services are produced at a flat rate, meaning you manage the final quote to your customer. 

4) Part or full range of video production: You decide how much or how little video production is required for your project – freeing up valuable time. 

Bottom line: we want to help your company succeed. If you would like to discuss your requirements or find out more about white labeling please contact us today.  Fully edited projects starting at only $1500.



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Team Members

Owner Marshall Baker has over 10 years of video production experience. Bongo has over 7 years lounging experience.

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Marshall Baker

Marshall Baker

Director of Photography / Owner, Red Crown Company View Details


Office Manager & Cat Extraordinaire View Details
Our Freelance Team

Our Freelance Team

Our Freelance Team View Details
Marshall Baker

Marshall Baker

Director of Photography / Owner, Red Crown Company

Husband, father, son, brother, dreamer. I love spending time with my family, good food, traveling, hiking, and Jesus. My goal is to create video presentations that engage, inspire, motivate, persuade, and educate.

Marshall is available as a camera operator/directory of photography for $500/day using client supplied gear, or $800/day using Red Crown gear (including 2k/4k cameras, dolly, motion controlled camera rigs, 3 axis gimbal stabilizers, jibs, 4k drone camera, lighting, audio gear etc…). Sorry, no half day rates.



Office Manager & Cat Extraordinaire

Bongo – Eats. Sleeps. Snuggles. Over 7 years experience.

Our Freelance Team

Our Freelance Team

Our Freelance Team

Red Crown Company employs local freelance professionals as needed. This includes an animation artist, camera assistant, production assistant, make up artists, and actors.



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